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The best wedding agencies in St. Petersburg

Our advice is confide to professionals.

Choice of a wedding agency which will be responsible for your celebration, may be almost the most important step in preparing a wedding. We selected for you the best of the best agencies (in our humble opinion), and presented their best cases.


An international wedding agency with a head office in St. Petersburg has been on the market for 8 years. The iMarry team has one indisputable advantage - it speaks 6 different languages ​​(this is useful for the foreign guests) and has education in the field of history, cinema, fashion, direction and engineering. It seems to us that it is ideal for the couples who want a staged wedding.

It is not difficult to guess that one of the specializations of the agency is the organization of celebrations for out-of-town couples.

Our choice is the "Right to Happiness" wedding. A wedding was organized in the style of a lawsuit - we have not heard about it yet! Newlyweds acted as applicants, guests as witnesses, and parents tried on the role of judges.

People in Love

Irina Kireeva, head of the agency, believes that the main advantage of People in Love is an individual approach. They are ready to realize any fantasy. Wedding in a palace or on a sandy beach, in a fashionable hotel or on a lawn in the forest, on the deck or in a beautiful park - anything that the bride and groom want.

Our choice is the forest wedding. Wedding was arranged in a forest on a lake in the narrow circle of the most loved ones. In the décor, as one would expect, moss, fern and mushrooms were used - very fresh and interesting.

Vzaimno Wedding Agency

A relatively young wedding agency (just over 3 years) Vzaimno Wedding Agency was created by two girls Lina Ivanova and Olga Beregovoi, for which weddings were not just a business. In addition to celebrations in the St. Petersburg, the agency also organizes weddings in Georgia, which looks so adorable.

Our choice is the "Transparency of the senses" wedding. The couple wanted a natural, beautiful wedding without contrived details, and the concept of an airy light holiday at a country club was born.


The agency "Orange" was founded by the competent manager Anton Polivanov and the experienced event director Olga Eletskaya. The agency surprises by its efficiency - in case of force majeure, the organizers are ready to prepare any project in record time - several days.


Our choice is the "Winter Tale" wedding. Unusual for such a celebration choice of the winter theme  played by 100%. The organizers managed to create a real ice palace from a children's fairy tale, decorating the hall with spruce, artificial snow and improvised blocks of ice.

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