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Swissotel Resort Сочи Камелия

A wedding on the beach.

TERMS OF BOOKING                    upon request 

NUMBER OF GUESTS                   from 15 to 150 

MINIMUM BUDGET              from 3450 per person

Swissotel Resort Sochi Camelia is a 5-star hotel of the Swiss chain Swissotel Hotels & Resort, part of the FRHI hotel group. The hotel is recreated in a modern style with a truly European chic in the building of the famous boarding house "Intourist". One of the most popular hotels for weddings in Sochi, during the season they take place every weekend. What is the advantage of Swissotel Resort Sochi Camelia for weddings, Stella Kalashyan found out from Deputy Director of Sales Darya Svishcheva.

What are the advantages of your hotel for weddings?


First of all, this is the location of our hotel.

Swissotel Resort Sochi Camelia is located on the first coastline, surrounded by an evergreen park of 7 hectares.

Despite the fact that the hotel is only a few minutes drive from the city center, this is truly a paradise, hiding from the bustle of the city. For weddings in the hotel you can book not only the halls that we transform for different numbers of guests, but also the rooms with terraces, from where the unusual views to the Black Sea and the city open. The interior of the hotel is designed in the style of art deco. Which is also worth mentioning is the historical appearance of the building, the edifice of the Stalin's times, the elements of which were carefully treated during the reconstruction of the facility. 


Tell us about the rooms and halls for events at the hotel?


There are 203 rooms, including two-level and two-room suites, as well as suites with spacious terraces and, of course, the pride of the hotel – the presidential suite.

For large-scale events perfectly suits an exquisite Ballroom with high ceilings and panoramic windows. The main advantages of this hall are a separate entrance and an adjacent foyer area, in which, as a rule, a buffet is organized. 

The single space of the Ballroom is created from three parts. The maximum seating is 150 guests, the minimum is 60, with the possibility to install a stage, a mobile dance floor and scenery. 

The equipment is also rented: screen projector, TV and sound system.

Chamber weddings and events of the European format are often held in the elegant restaurant "Rivage", located on the second floor. Here comfortably 65 guests can be accommodated. The interior of the restaurant is designed in the Art Deco style, in the hall are exquisite columns and panoramic windows.

The terrace of the lobby is ideal for wedding registrations, which can accommodate more than 40 guests. In case there are more guests, we suggest to have a registration in a cocktail form (up to 70 people). Also for larger ceremonies (about 100 guests) our poolside area is suitable. A romantic atmosphere will be presented by a playground in an evergreen park - ideal for weddings in a European format.

What special facilities does the hotel have for the newlyweds?

For stag and bride parties we offer suites with a spacious terrace (almost the size of a room), where there is a chic panoramic view to the sea, the mountains and the hotel grounds opens. There are only 2 rooms of this category in the hotel. The bride parties are served in the buffet format on any of the terraces, in the restaurant or in the Purovel Spa & Sport.



Two-level suites are booked for bride fees or a staged ransom rite. The spacious living room allows you to collect all the guests, while the bedroom is on the second floor outside the access zone of the guests. Often  this room is chosen for the first wedding night.

The rich decoration of the rooms and the well-developed infrastructure of the hotel make the Swissotel Resort Sochi Camelia one of the best places in Russia for honeymooning.

We practice an individual approach to each guest and can fulfill any of his wishes, up to the closing the hotel exclusively for events. If there are problems with the selection of the entertainment program and the organization of the celebration, we are ready to recommend a team of professionals in each area, based on the wishes of the newlyweds.

Also our confectionery "Swiss Gourmet" is at the service of the newlyweds. It will take into account all your wishes and bake your dream cake for a wedding celebration.


Tell me more about your spa and the procedures for two?


The philosophy of PŰROVEL SPA & SPORT is based on the idea of ​​changing the Alpine seasons. To fill your body and mind with energy, during the author's procedures PŰROVEL we use essential oils made with alpine grasses and flowers.


For the groom and the bride, procedures for two are recommended, as well as separate procedures for the girls to look great on the most important day. We have two paired programs. One is called "Only you and I". This is a restorative massage "Pűrovel Refreshing". A specially selected combination of essential oils creates a unique aroma and allows the couple to relax as much as possible. During the procedure, blood circulation improves, the flow of energy in the body is restored, thanks to which complete tranquility is achieved. An excellent relaxing program before the wedding to calm the jitters.

Another procedure is rejuvenating care for couples in the VIP room, which includes jacuzzi, steam room and shower with a massage for a pair visit.

What are the features of the menu and cuisine? And who is the chef?

The menu of restaurants is dominated by European and Caucasian cuisine, but we are happy to take into account all your wishes and develop customized menu.

The chef of the hotel is Oksana Nagorskaya. She creates real culinary masterpieces. She prefers products of local origin and treats with particular scrupulousness to serve.

1 restaurants, 1 hall - transformer

3 remote site platforms

spa comlex PŰROVEL SPA & SPORT

sand beach

excellent location

excellent service

corkage fee

parking for guests of event 

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