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Restaurants with a panoramic view in Moscow

We gathered in our material the best restaurants in the capital with the most beautiful views.

To glad your love you should without any reason. You can show concern by organizing a romantic date in one of the most fashionable restaurants in the city. We selected 9 most beautiful restaurants with stunning views.

White rabbit

View to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Novy Arbat, Moscow City

The restaurant, located under a glass dome on the sixteenth floor of the Smolensky Passage, bribes with its culinary experiments. Chef Vladimir Mukhin reinterprets classic Russian dishes, following the latest gastronomic trends. For example, traditional borscht here is served with fried crucian carp, baked beans and turnip chips - it sounds very extravagant!

Time Out Bar

View to Tverskaya Street, Satire Theater, Garden Ring

Located on the last two floors of the Beijing Hotel, Time Out Bar is considered one of the best panoramic restaurants in Moscow. The restaurant will appeal to lovers of minimalism and sophistication, as well as elements of the historic decor: mosaics and tiles.


The restaurant combines European and Pan-Asian cuisine. But the 16-page bar card deserves special attention. Each drink here is prescribed for a certain time of day, and the bar card itself is more like a schedule.


View to the Kremlin, Moscow River, Zamoskvorechye

"Carlson" is on the roof of the business center Central City Tower, from which wonderful views to the historic center of the city are opened.


The chef of the restaurant is a native of Italy, the famous Carlo Greco, who previously worked in the institutions of Alan Ducasse. Carlo updated the Mediterranean cuisine of Carlson, focusing on the author's presentation and unusual flavor combinations. We recommend to stop your choice on the dishes from the chef, for example, on black spaghetti with crab and sweet pepper sauce.

Sky Lounge

View to the Moskva River, Moscow State University, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior


An unusual restaurant, combining a completely different world cuisine, is located in the building of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Here, guests are offered sushi, steaks, pasta, traditional Mediterranean cuisine and even Russian homemade patties. A distinctive feature of the restaurant was a separate penthouse hall, located one floor above. Here, in a secluded atmosphere, you can arrange any event: from a noisy party to a romantic date.

O2 Lounge

View to the Kremlin, Red Square


Panoramic restaurant on the roof of Four Seasons Moscow on Manezhnaya Square is an ideal place for a holiday. Guests are treated here with refined international cuisine. Sushi, fresh seafood and meat, as well as an impressive range of wines and cocktails do not leave visitors indifferent. We draw your attention to an assortment of seafood, which includes oysters, shrimps, crab claws and scallops on ice.


View to Moscow City, Moskva River


The restaurant of Russian cuisine on the 85th floor of the tower "Oko" in Moscow City captivates not only incredible views (here Moscow is like in the palm of your hand), but also an excellent menu. For those who have become bored with European and Asian delights, a visit to the restaurant is compulsory. Here you will be served with herring on rye toast, salad with smoked salmon and wafers and dumplings with venison.


View to Moscow City, Moskva River


Restaurant Insight works on the system “true cost”. Dishes here are sold without restaurant margins, but guests are required to pay for the entrance (1500 rubles to 17:00 and 3000 after). In addition to this system, the restaurant impresses with its interior. Everything here is made in the style of the seabed: both jellyfish, and peculiar plants in the form of corals, and imitate the water surface of the wall. In combination with the views opening from the restaurant windows (located on the 84th floor of the Oko tower), space acquires an individual style.


View to Moscow City, Moskva River


Sixty is the highest restaurant in Europe, located on the 60th floor of the Federation Tower. High panoramic windows here create an air space, allowing you to admire the sunrises and sunsets, see the clouds under your feet and watch the flight of birds. But, perhaps, guests come here, first of all, for a unique show - at a certain time, the windows in the restaurant opens, giving visitors a unique feeling of weightlessness.


View to the Moskva River, Government House of the Russian Federation


The restaurant on the top floor of the Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow is the best place for confessions of love. This is a real paradise for two, in the truest sense of the word. The restaurant is a snow-white small area with one single table. Romantic atmosphere and spectacular views of the center of Moscow often become a criterion for choosing a Romantic restaurant for a proposal of the hand and heart.

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