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Advantages of a wedding in Sochi

Why should you go to the main resort of Russia and play a wedding there?

Weddings in other countries or cities are becoming more popular. Couples want to arrange a truly magical special celebration, and often want to change the usual situation. One of the most popular "wedding" destinations is the resort of Sochi. We found out why this city attracts newlyweds so much, and how much it costs to have a wedding on the Russian coast.

It's not a secret that after the Olympic Games in 2014, the rest in Sochi became much higher. Of course, this was reflected in the prices, but in spite of everything, many people again and again come back to Sochi to take a vacation and even decide to get married there.

First of all, the wedding on the Black Sea coast attracts the fans of the "wedding by the sea" format, who do not want to overpay for European delights. A pleasant bonus will be the absence of red tape with various papers - for registration in Sochi, no visa, no permission for marriage is needed.

By the way, weddings on the beach in Sochi have become so popular that many travel agencies have made it their specialization. If you are afraid of the idea that the whole preparation of the celebration will take place in another city, we advise you to order a wedding tour. Based on your desires, you will be offered a package of services that provides an ideal celebration.

On average, the standard wedding package includes:

  • Flight

  • Accommodation

  • Services of the stylist and make-up artist in the bride's room

  • Bridal bouquet and boutonniere for the groom

  • Rent a premium car

  • Organization of registration

  • Photographers Service

  • Music for the ceremony

  • Champagne in the room

  • Romantic dinner


The package will cost you about 200 thousand rubles. If you want to add or remove some services, many agencies can do this.


For those who like snowy landscapes, Sochi can offer a wonderful solution. Wedding at the largest ski resort in Russia - Rosa Khutor - will definitely become a unique and memorable celebration. For example, many people are attracted by the opportunity to arrange an extreme stag party in the mountains.


Sochi, seems to be, an ideal example of the concentration of completely different interiors in one place, which in itself makes the city attractive for tourists and couples in love. The main thing is that if you decide to play a wedding in Sochi, remember that during the season (on the coast - from June to October, in the mountains - from December to February / March) there may be problems with renting the place. Plus, it is difficult to find a room for chamber weddings here, because in the city some large-scale celebrations are often held. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to delay the reservation. Ideally, start preparing for the wedding six months before the event.

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