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Wedding Wishlist

Hints and excessive modesty - not the best psychological techniques. Fortunately and the comfort of both sides, in Russia in recent years, the good Western tradition has finally taken root to make up to the wedding wishlist.

Wishlist - what is it?


Wishlist is nothing more than a wish list. Instead of languishing in anticipation of the necessary gifts, the bride and groom write their preferences in writing. It is necessary to do this in advance, preferably at the time of sending invitations (and not later than a month before the wedding). Guests should have enough time to search for an object and buy it. Sometimes couples choose a particular store, where there is a necessary thing for them, which greatly facilitates the task of the guests.

The rule of good tone is having objects of different material value in the wishlist, but all the same the value of gifts should not fluctuate too much (conditionally, from the tablecloth to the apartment). It also happens that someone from the guests wants to give a surprise for the couple and at the same time choose a nice bonus from the official "wish list".

Wishlist frequently spread and regulated through the internet resources.


It can be like a full-fledged wedding site of a couple with a set of functions for all stages of the celebration, and ordinary groups in social networks. But it is much more convenient to use special online services and platforms created by developers specially for such solemn occasions as a wedding.

After all, many guests may have questions-how, for example, to reserve one or another point of the wishlist, without consulting in advance with the newlyweds and other guests? All these subtleties are thought through by services, in the advantages of which the pair should be understood before sending official invitations. On the cards, by the way, it is very appropriate to make a note with instructions for those wishing to see the list of gifts. If you made an electronic invitations, it's more easier - guests have enough links to the desired site or application. 

Wishlist in the Wedding by Mercury


Wishlist service is offered to customers by Wedding by Mercury. Consultants can help in making a list of gifts by considering the wishes of couple, style and all the material components of the wedding. The bride and the groom can include clothes, shoes and accessories, jewelry, watches, items for home and interior. Wishlist will be available on the personal page of the site, a link to which you can send tothe guests, as well as share it in your social networks.

Advice to the guests: do not delay with the purchase of the gift until the last. This eventually causes increased excitement, besides wishlist is shortened every day thanks to more prudent guests.

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