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How to collect a wedding bouquet in the boho style?

Boho style is one of the popular wedding trends. This is related to a satiety of ideal "smooth" weddings. Naturalness and simplicity - just what suits and boho-chic. But even this free style has its own "rules".

Bouquet in the boho style should be created like it was gathered on the field. A little negligence and asymmetry are the effect you need to achieve. Otherwise, you will need only your unlimited imagination.

1. Use different bright flowers. It is not necessary to try to get into the tone of the bridesmaids dresses or decor on the tables. Boho is a riot of gypsy paints. It is enough if they simply combine with each other.

2. Make a base of large exotic flowers - proteys, succulents or ranunculus. You can also use peonies, chrysanthemums or even roses. Dilute the future bouquet with smaller flowers, for example, anemones or eryngiums, but simple wildflowers are the best.

3. Add unusual accents. Bohemian style bouquets should be diluted with some elements unusual for classical flower compositions. Use cones, berries, thorns, dried flowers (our favorites are dried seed lotus boxes), as well as cotton, greens and even feathers. Of course, do not take everything at once, remember that there is always should be a sense of harmony.

4. Forget about traditional ornaments, for example, satin ribbons. Most likely they will completely break the whole composition. Use a regular twine or more modest fabric. And it is not necessary to prune the stems of flowers along the ruler - here, as nowhere else, naturalness looks better.


By the way, you can supplement the look of the bride by weaving flowers into flowers, which were used in the bouquet.

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