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TERMS OF BOOKING                     not less than 6 months in advance                                                       the date of the event

NUMBER OF GUESTS                   from 20 to 500 

Built in a modern European style hotel with 246 guest rooms including suites designed for comfortable and elegant living.​ In addition to the beautiful rooms, the hotel will be pleased with the chic restaurants that offer delicacies of international cuisine, fascinating Georgian dishes, as well as an unforgettable taste of Asian dishes.


Your hotel is located in several kilometers from Tbilisi. Tell us more about the features of this location, especially for the wedding.

I must say that we have lots of benefits. You definitely should choose this location for your dream wedding. In Georgia our hotel became quite popular for the ceremonies. We have more than 10 weddings in one season.


Firstly, we have our reputation, our popularity. Because of that, people are choosing our property, mostly in spring times. We are very suitable to our clients demands. We can organize a European style wedding, as well as traditional Georgia’s wedding. We have more traditional weddings in our practice. Sometimes the couples prefer the mixed style wedding, bringing different traditions from different countries.


The second big opportunity is our impressive ballroom. We have the largest ballroom in whole Georgia, with the area of 800 sq m. We can accommodate approximately 500 guests for the wedding in a banquet set-up. Our banqueting and sales team is the one of the most important element when organizing your dream wedding, as they are full of responsibility, initiatives and flexible in decision making.

The third one - our location. And it’s not about the distance. People are coming here because they are really tired of Tbilisi rush, air pollution's and crazy rhythm. Hear you can totally relax. Our guests usually visit a beautiful recreation park which was recently open. Here couples can arrange an open air signage ceremony and afterwards celebrate the wedding inside the hotel.

Being far from the city center - it’s our advantage. Our hotel is like a new symbol for a new district of Tbilisi Sea. 

How many rooms do you have and what kind of rooms?

We have 246 rooms, comprising standard rooms, duplex rooms, premium suites, deluxe suites, club deluxe. The highest category room are premier suites. They are wonderful for the couples. Newlyweds can spend their first night here, as well as spend a honeymoon. Equipped with luxurious furniture, the 159 sq.m. premier suite includes imrpessive living room, comfortable bedroom, small kitchen, sauna, bathroom and a restroom with a dream closet.

We also recommend Duplex Suite for the newlyweds for the feeling of luxury and extra comfort.

The brand of the hotel is your competitive advantage. Is there a common feature for all the hotel chains? Do you have the main supervisor in your system of management?

We are the hotel of the international hotel chain which is called Hotels & Preference. The  brand appeared in 2000 year in France and even though we don’t have a huge history, the French hotel chain is now available in 20 destinations all over the world with 150 hotels.  Mainly ones are located in France and China, because our main franchising company “BTL Hospitality” is from China.


Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi is a first hotel in Georgia. As you may already noticed, the hotel is pretty massive and grand, which is the influence of China. The biggest Lobby, the biggest ballroom, the biggest recreation center – All these creates a sense of luxury. 

We also have the biggest standard rooms in Georgia - 39 sq. m. It’s really helping us to hold a good reputation in Georgian market.

Delux suite 6
standart king
swimming pool1

Tell us about the stylistic decisions in the rooms and all the hotel.

Our standard rooms are modern classic style. The wide windows overlooking Tbilisi Sea and Recreation park, cozy bedrooms, delicate design and some element of Georgian Culture makes our standard rooms really outstanding.   

In every hall we have different pictures of famous Georgian contemporary artists.

What categories of rooms could you recommend for different tasks of the pair?
(For the bride and groom's gatherings, holding a photo session, bachelor or stag party, the first wedding night?)s more about your concierge service, what questions can guests ask?

For an unforgettable bachelor party, we recommend our SPA-center which is fantastic approach for one. 

We can host several people for massage seances, perfect opportunity for brides and their friends. Besides the SPA, the hotel’s recreation center comprises a 25 m. long swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, bar and sport hall with latest gym technology.

How many halls does the hotel have?

According to our experience we only had "massive"weddings. All of them was for 300-500 people. For that ones we have offered our grand ballroom. Besides, we have 6 meeting halls, but it’s mostly for meeting and conference purposes. So, the best choice is our ballroom. Several times we had an outdoor ceremony in our terrace, which goes directly from the ballroom outside. 

ballroom small

Do you have special services for non-Georgian couples? Can you organize departures to suburbs or some trips for them and their relatives?

Surely, we can organize everything. We have our own minivans and it’s very comfortable for reaching any directions with our driver. Also, we have a contract with a tour agency, offering some new destinations to our guests.We really want our couples to come back to hotel. So, we have some pleasant surprises for them.

For example, we can offer them 1-night compliment stay in our hotel or arrange romantic honeymoon dinner for the next day of the wedding. 

Georgia is an Orthodox country. If the newlyweds want to hold a wedding ceremony. Can you help them on any other way? 

We have  not had that kind of experience yet, but I would say that our guests have a good opportunity here. The biggest church in Tbilisi - Sameba Cathedral is only 5 minutes' drive from our hotel, that is the most popular venue for wedding ceremonies.

What about the cuisine in the hotel? Tell us about your chef.

We are very proud of our famous French chef, having an experience working in Michelin star restaurant in London. He used to work in Russia as well. About 3 years till now, he is working with us. He creates masterful Georgian dishes furnished with European style, that has become his signature style.  Also, we have a great pastry chef, creating wonderful cakes, deserts, and all the sweetest things for your wedding.


We have different types of banqueting menus starting from cheaper options up to the expensive ones.

What’s the best time for the wedding booking?

Everything depends on the wedding requirements, size and other details. In case of massive weddings, it is better to book the wedding 6 months prior. Moreover, if the coupes are from abroad, there are so many details to take into consideration.

How do you think, what is the specificity of Georgia, why do the foreign couples choose it?

I think, Georgia is very trendy wedding destination nowadays. Hospitality, delicious cuisine, outstanding landscapes and sunny weather might be a signature feature for Georgia.  Also, Georgia is considered to be a very fashion related county and industry rising destination. 

It should be underlined, that Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi is the only hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia, that is arranging Wedding festivals every May. Third time in a raw we have created a really dream atmosphere for the couples, who are searching for wedding companies, designers, florists, cake companies, make-up artists, photographers etc. That festival is a significant opportunity to find necessary companies in one day and one space.


3 restaurants

7 halls, 1 of them - the most giant in Georgia

the possibility of a cocktail or a wedding dinner on the outdoor terrace in the summer season

Preference club cards

golf simulator


SPA-center in walking distance

excellent service

high-end kitchen

Hotels - Tbilisi

Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi

The hotel with modern design and exceptional service.

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