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Hotels - St. Petersburg

Grand Hotel Emerald St. Petersburg

Luxury hotel in the historic merchant center of St. Petersburg.

TERMS OF BOOKING                     not less than 6 months in advance                                                       the date of the event

NUMBER OF GUESTS                   from 10 to 200 

MINIMUM BUDGET                  from 250 thousand rubles

The Grand Hotel Emerald St. Petersburg is characterized by classic interiors masterfully inscribed in a modern building, executed in the style of late rational modernity. The uniqueness of the architectural solution is one of the decisive factors to choose this hotel for a celebration. We met with the representatives of the hotel and found out all about the benefits for weddings and romantic weekends.

Tell us about the features of the location of the Grand Hotel Emerald and the benefits of location for weddings?

Our location is really unique. Most 5-star hotels are located on Nevsky Prospekt or in the historical center on Isaakievskaya Square. The Grand Hotel Emerald is located in the historical center of St. Petersburg, but it is far from the bustle of the city and the busy traffic that allows guests not only visiting  any sights of the city, but also to enjoy the rest without any fuss. Suvorovsky Avenue is one of the largest and oldest avenues in the city, with a rich history. This part of the old Petersburg was described by many writers in their works. The location is literally covered with legends. And, of course, there are many attractions. For example, Suvorov Museum, the Smolny Cathedral, the Tavrichesky Garden, whose orangery is ideal for photo shoots in winter, are located within walking distance. There are several registry offices in walking distance, including the famous Wedding Palace on Furshtatskaya street. 

And our hotel is the only 5-star hotel in this location. 

What can you say about the hotel building? How many rooms do you have?

This place has a rich history. Previously, there was a cinema, later it was demolished and a cozy square was built. The hotel was opened in 2003, the year of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. Since the new building was built for a specific purpose, our hotel has very convenient logistics for both guests and employees. A great place to organize any turnkey events.


As for the number of rooms, we have 87 rooms (56 standard, 17 superior, 10 junior suites and 4 suites). 

What halls does the hotel offer for events?

In our hotel there are 2 main banquet halls - Emerald on the first floor and the atrium "Versailles" on the third floor. 

Both identical in area - 265 sq. m, allowing to accommodate about 170 people at a banquet seating and 200 people at a stand up buffet. 


By the way, the interiors of the halls are very different. "Emerald" is executed in a palace style with marble columns and a professional stage with a large dressing room. A distinctive feature of the hall is the second floor in the form of a balcony, where you can arrange a lounge zone. Organizing events in this room, we often close the zone of the lobby bar "Suvorovsky" for cocktail party for guests.

Atrium "Versailles" is a hall under a high glass roof about 16 meters high. It is very spacious, with a lot of light, which makes the space airy. Guests say that the hall reminds of a cozy French courtyard, and often book it for wedding registration.

There is also a small room for chamber weddings - "Gzhel" (60 square meters with a capacity of 20 people). 

As it is not difficult to guess from the title, it is made in the style of Gzhel, this motif is repeated in handmade services too.

Does the hotel provide special offers for the newlyweds?

We have a lot of bonuses, we practice an individual approach to each guest. There is a standard package, which we offer to couples who decided to celebrate wedding in our hotel. It includes a complimentary room (from junior suites and higher depending on the hotel's load), closing the lobby bar for a welcome cocktail and other compliments. In addition, we also consider individual wishes.

For example, we can organize the shooting of bride’s preparations or prepare a special offer for the rental of the spa complex. Or bake a wedding cake.

Often couples come to us after the wedding banquet in the restaurant to spend the wedding night. In such cases, we offer romantic service in the room - we arrange a dinner for two, inviting the waiter and musician.

What are the rooms for brides’ and grooms’ preparations, as well as for the behavior of stag and bride parties?

We offer rooms of a higher category, and, first of all, junior suites. These are superior rooms in classic style with a jacuzzi in an enlarged bathroom and luxury cosmetics. And suites (2 two-room and 2 three-room).

The advantage of rooms is that they are specific and perfectly suited for photo sessions. The hotel has a balcony that surrounds the entire 7th floor and there are always beautiful shots.

Sometimes couples reserve a junior suite, but they want to take a photo session in more luxurious interiors. In such cases, we invite them to the suite, in case it is free of course.

Bachelor parties and stag parties are most often held in three-room suites or in the spa area.

Tell us about your spa. Have you got any romantic packages?

Our spa is on the 2nd floor and can accommodate up to 10-15 people at the same time. 


We have an opportunity to put a large table, order a banquet from the restaurant and arrange an event, for example, a bachelorette party.

We have a small pool with countercurrent, saunas, a Russian steam room with a cold font, a Turkish hamam and a Roman steam room. From services we provide all kinds of massages, wraps and peelings, as well as spa treatments based on the Italian cosmetics Comfort Zone. Often guests ask to make a romantic program for two.

What is the restaurant fund in the hotel? Who sets the kitchen?

Our hotel offers different cuisine. In the atrium cafe "Versailles" in the morning, a buffet breakfast is served for our guests, after which the a la Carte menu with dishes of European cuisine is available to all visitors.

"Gzhel" is a restaurant of old Russian cuisine according to old recipes. By the way, practically all snacks we make ourselves - pickles, marinades and liqueurs - the guests are always delighted.

The lobby bar "Suvorovsky" offers fast and light meals.

Also we have our own confectionery, where the masters make exclusive cakes for individual orders.

Our chef - Denis Melnikov - completely changed the menu, introduced a note of modernity and ease, especially it concerns the filing and maintenance. He always tries to be in a trend. Now he is working on updating the menu of the atrium "Versailles", where he plans to introduce Mediterranean cuisine.

He responsible for catering too. There are sets that we offer to guests, but the positions in them can be changed and combined. And, of course, we can make an individual menu.

On average, the banquet menu goes from 3500 rubles per person, plus 600 rubles per guest.

In your opinion, why should couples get married in St. Petersburg?

If couples come from another city or country, as a rule, we are talking about a full-fledged romantic holiday, rather than a one-day celebration. Our city is European with Russian prices - for many peoples this is the fundamental criterion  for the choice. Plus, for foreigners, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with Russian culture.


2 restaurants, 1 bar, 1 confectionery, 1 hall

underground parking + parking before the hotel

help in the wedding organization

unique location of the hotel

individual approach to guests


high service

opportunity to completely close the hotel

Standard package when ordering a wedding banquet

Junior Suite as a gift

Champagne and fruit in the room

Breakfast in the room after waking up

Late check-out

Additional bonuses:

Closing of the lobby bar "Suvorovsky" for the guests of the banquet hall "Emerald"

Musical accompaniment: musician at the piano

Free parking for the hotel's guests

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