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Original dresses for the new EDEM couture wedding collection

EDEM couture presented a new wedding collection. We selected the most original dresses for the brave brides.

EDEM couture presented their new collection Wedding couture 2017. It includs floor-length gown and dresses-transformers with a detachable skirt. The palette of new wedding outfits includes different shades: champagne, ash rose, soft pink, pearl gray, white and the brand color of the EDEM brand - "the color of the Roman sky".

We selected the 7 most original wedding outfits from the new collection, which will suit the bravest brides.

  • White trouser suit with a corset and a geometric bralette.

  • A long trapezoidal dress with transparent inserts and long gloves.

  • Trouser suit with flared dress,  unusual bodice and gloves.

  • Lush dress in the style of minimalism with a transparent beige top, embroidered beads.

  • Blue trouser suit with Greek style top and voluminous veil.

  • A pink short dress with fringe and an additional skirt from the net.

  • White straight dress in the floor with blue flowers embroidered on the sleeves.​

фотограф Ольга Кочетова-167
фотограф Ольга Кочетова-248
фотограф Ольга Кочетова-375
фотограф Ольга Кочетова-215
фотограф Ольга Кочетова-260
фотограф Ольга Кочетова-279
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