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9 legendary images of brides from the movies

History knows many cases when the dress glorified his bearer.We chose 9 most important wedding dresses of modern history, in which actresses dressed in the movies and in their real life.

Vivien Leigh in the "Gone with the Wind"
Author: Walter Plunkett, Costume Designer


The Hollywood Oscar-winning masterpiece, released in 1939, is known to tell of the events of the American Civil War in the middle of the 19th century. Therefore, the luxurious satin dress of Scarlett creamy shade, decorated with embroidered grape leaves, strictly speaking, to the fashion of the 1930s has nothing to do. But, undoubtedly, it finds continuation in the 1980s, when the exaggerated fluffiness of the lines entered the fashion. By the way, the cult dress of Princess Diana (about the weddings of the monarchs - in our next material), which she wore for the wedding with Prince Charles in 1979, has a clear "kinship" with the dress of Scarlett O'Hara.

Audrey Hepburn in the movie "Funny Face"
Author: Hubert Givenchy


One of the main icons of beauty of the 20th century was officially married twice. But the canonical image of her bride from the movie "Funny face". A concise wedding dress in the style of "new look" with a lush skirt of tea length and a cut-out of the "Sabrina-Decollete" (the quadrangular cut of the dress, invented by Givenchy for Hepburn attire in their first joint film "Sabrina") became the most popular model among brides of the late 1950s - early 1960s.

Grace Kelly at her own wedding
Author: Helen Rose, MGM Costume Designer


About the wedding of the actress, who became the princess of Monaco, books were written and films were made. And her wedding dress is still considered cult and inspires many brides. 35 workers of the Helen Rose workshop turned the 25 meters of silk taffeta, 100 meters of net and vintage Brussels lace into a real work of art in 6 weeks.

Julia Roberts in "The Runaway Bride"
Author (lucky dress): Amsale

The main wedding film of the 1990s with the main actress of this decade was remembered in more than one wedding way. But since the wedding is, after all, about the happy end, the history of fashion and cinema has most firmly come in a tender wedding dress with the shoulders and embroidered Amsale embroidered. It was in it that Maggie's soul calmed down.

Jane Birkin at her own wedding
Author: Unknown

Straight silhouette, translucent lace, lack of underwear, branded disheveled bangs and genius groom next door ... Jane Birkin - the perfect muse for modern brides in the style of Boho!

Kate Hudson in the movie "War of the Bride"
Author: Vera Wang


No wedding rating is complete without mentioning this comedy, which glorified the dress from Vera Wang. The film, in turn, also  so glorified the brand that for the brides of the world, the dress from Vera Wang is synonymous with the word "ideal".

Kristen Stewart in the vampire saga "Twilight"
Author: Carolina Herrera


The success of the vampire saga in recent years, a little subsided, but at the time the film had a huge impact on the style of the 2010s. A satin dress with lace accents and an open back from Carolina Herrera, in which Bella went for Edward, was recognized as the unconditional victory of the brand. After the release of the third part of the film, the wedding brand Alfred Angelo copied the design and made a replica of Bella's attire, which was sold for $ 799 until the company announced bankruptcy in 2017.

Courtney Cox in the ser. "Friends"
Author: House of Bianchi


Monika's dress of 2001 is one of the most cited in the history of fashion of the new millennium. Simplicity and succinctness have often been the key to success for designers. But the House of Bianchi brand ceased to exist shortly after the release of the key episode of the series. And now the brides hunt only for vintage copies of this brand.

Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie "Sex and the City"
Author: Vivienne Westwood

 Carrie Bradshaw is undoubtedly the most iconic and often mentioned bride of the 2000s. The film is full of brilliant geniuses of brilliant designers, but the wedding dress from Vivienne Westwood (which Carrie did not bring happiness) is the fashionable top of this film. Order a dress like Bradshaw could be in Westwood boutique for $ 15.700, but wait for the cherished outfit brides had to six months.

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