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7 locations for the wedding in Russia

Russia is rich in excellent locations, and for first-class service it is not necessary to seek exclusively in historical capitals - Moscow and St. Petersburg. In many other Russian cities and their surroundings, too, there are hotels that are ready to guarantee a holiday at the highest level.

Baikal Residence

Location: Baikalskoye, Severobaikalsk

"Baikal Residence" is located in ecologically clean, reserved places - on the shores of the largest lake in Russia. The Lodge is surrounded by untouched forests and water surface, from the nearest town of Severobaikalsk by car can be reached in 10 minutes. For fans of more spectacular appearances, the hotel has its own helipad. Here you can also book an excursion on a yacht, jet ski, quad bike through unique and hard to reach corners of nature.

The rooms underscore the natural character of the hotel and the accuracy with which its staff refers to the surrounding nature.

The hotel has its own restaurant, beauty studio "Women's Club" with a complex of cosmetic and massage programs, as well as "Taiga estate" with a Russian steam room.

"Baikal Residence" is suitable for small weddings and newlyweds wishing to spend a honeymoon actively.

Utkino Country House

Location: Rostov Region, Semikarakorsky District

The winner of the GQ magazine award in the nomination "The best Russian hotel for recreation 2018".

"Utkino" Country House - a country hotel on the bank of the river Manych - opens the hospitality of the Don region with a new, yet uncharted side. The hotel is a modern interpretation of outdoor activities in a luxurious country hotel.

The team of professionals "Utkino" will take care of the organization of the wedding celebration, whether it is a private evening for two or a large solemn event for up to 100 people.

Depending on your wishes, the event can take place in the open air in airy tents, on the pier on the river bank, in the beach, in a restaurant or in the banquet hall.

The luxurious spa complex of the hotel will help both prepare for the wedding and relax after it.

Mirage Hotel, Kazan

Location: Kazan, Rep. Tatarstan

Hotel "Mirage" is located in the historical center of Kazan. The design of the hotel building, created by the famous Italian architect Marco Piva is his business card. The glass walls of the "Mirage" reflect the monuments of Kazan: the Kremlin and the Kul-Sharif mosque, creating an amazing mirage effect in the desert. The hotel has 3 restaurants, premium Milli, beer "Pivovar" and karaoke bar "Zapoy". Also in the "Mirage" there is a fitness club and the largest hotel pool in Kazan.

When ordering a wedding banquet in the "Mirage", the De Luxe suite for newlyweds is given as a gift!

Hyatt Regency Ekaterinburg

Location: Ekaterinburg


Hyatt Regency Yekaterinburg is a magnificent international hotel in Yekaterinburg and the Urals region. The hotel is located in the new developing center of Ekaterinburg City on the bank of the Iset River and is in close proximity to the city administration, the Temple-on-the-Blood and other sights of the city.
The hotel has 293 spacious rooms, including 28 suites. All kinds of events of the highest level are held here, including wedding celebrations.

On the 20th floor of the hotel there is a fitness center and a spa with a swimming pool where you can enjoy a breathtaking view from a bird's-eye view of the Temple on Blood and the Iset River.
The hotel is also famous for its restaurants and bars.


Altay resort

Location: Urlu-Aspak settlement, Gorny Altai


The Altai Resort natural and recreational complex is the only premium hotel in the Altai Republic with the qualification "5 stars". "Little Switzerland" in the mountains of Altai, the so-called complex of permanent guests. The terrain of the territory and all the buildings are made in the same style and concept - the luxury of privacy with nature combined with the spirit of modernity and comfort. The purest air, water, aroma of the taiga - the advantages of local recreation can be listed for a long time.

It is important that Altay Resort also holds weddings - for the newlyweds there are many bonuses provided. In the low season, the hotel gives the newlyweds 2 nights in a Deluxe room and discounts on accommodation for guests and organizers.

Rodina Grand Hotel & SPA

Location: Sochi, Krasnodar


RODINA Grand Hotel & SPA in Sochi is located in the heart of a large subtropical park measuring 15 hectares, in which shrubs and trees bloom all year round. One of the main advantages of the hotel are exclusive conditions for the whole wedding cycle: from pre-wedding preparation (hen and stag parties, procedures for the bride in the Spa) to the exit registration with a banquet and an unforgettable honeymoon. In general, the hotel hosts small family weddings in a European style, but its area allows you to qualify for large-scale events. Most often newlyweds choose the building of a detached Villa. - a building of 20 rooms is available for rent, which is very convenient for co-location with guests. When ordering a banquet, the hotel provides a couple of rooms complimentary.

Radisson Resort, Zavidovorand Hotel & SPA

Location: Tver Region, Zavidovo

Radisson Resort, Zavidovo is located 100 km from Moscow, on the banks of the Doibitsa River, which flows into the Volga. This hotel is one of the most romantic places for a wedding near Moscow due to the combination of the picturesque landscapes of Zavidovo and the stylish modern design of the hotel.
Elegant banquet rooms and outdoor areas with a view of the river or the golf course provide ample opportunities for organizing a dream wedding. 
In Radisson Resort, Zavidovo you have the opportunity to combine all the stages of the celebration: to conduct an outdoor ceremony by the river, a photo session against the backdrop of a reserved nature, elegant welcome on the hotel terrace, a wedding banquet in the grand hall Pavilion and fireworks against the night sky. We can say that weddings - one of the main specializations of the hotel, offering couples several options for wedding packages.

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