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6 original wedding cakes

After May 19 brides will run to the confectioners with pictures of the wedding cake of Megan Markle and Prince Harry (ready to argue, he will be gorgeous, but conservative). And although we are not against the timeless classics, sometimes you want to somehow stand out against a crowd. For those who like something original, we chose 6 varieties of cakes, which will surprise even the most sophisticated.

Cube cake

For the most creative and courageous confectioners have created not just cakes, but whole works of contemporary art. Cubic longline cakes resemble fashionable installations in museums and art spaces. In clear lines, artists (and these confectioners are really people of creativity) pass both the marble structure, and the cold hardness of the metal, and the depth of the cosmos. Ideal if your wedding is in the loft style.

Cake with succulents 

The wedding in the eco-style is one of the latest trends, which will be popular many more seasons, judging by the fact that the issue of ecology disturbs the public. At such a celebration, the classic cake will look inappropriate. An excellent solution will be a cake decorated with succulents (from mastic, of course). By the way, the wedding cake can be supplemented with cupcakes in the candy bar.

Cake with pear chips

Very gently and eastern looking cakes, decorated with the finest petals from a dried pear. However, here you can use apples and oranges and any fruits that acquire a beautiful appearance after heat treatment or drying. If just the fruit chips, in your opinion, look boring, ask confectioners to color them with edible dyes.

Cake Rubik's Cube 

Of course you've heard about the outstanding chef-patisser Cedric Grole (the same one that works in Le Meurice of Alain Ducasse). The young confectioner gained world fame cause of his amazing creations - desserts in the form of a cube of Rubik. Every detail of the cake Monsieur Grole is handmade, which makes the culinary masterpiece even more desirable.

We, of course, do not call to order a wedding cake in Paris - the delivery will be long, and the size of the branded "cubes" Grole is inferior to the usual sizes of festive delicacies, but it is possible to order a similar cake in a good confectionery.

"Birch" cake 

Weddings, arranged in the winter, are the exception rather than the rule. Nevertheless, if your dream is to whirl in a snow-white dress, while snowflakes are dancing outside, we know exactly which cake, besides the traditional, will perfectly fit into the decor of the winter celebration. A cake simulating the structure of the birch bark, decorated with cones, coniferous branches and scarlet berries. This "birch" effect is achieved by incomplete, even negligent, painting the cake with cream.

Cheese cake

Well, for those who do not particularly like sweet, one of the latest wedding trends is cheese cake. This cake consists of several circles of different cheese, decorated with fruits and berries, flowers, honey and nuts, and which is the most important - perfectly goes with wine. 

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