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5 reasons to get married in the capital of Georgia

We made a small list of reasons why there should be a wedding in Tbilisi.

Georgia is well known by excellent hospitality and wide feasts. You can go to any house, and the owner will feed you with delicious home-cooked dishes and give you some young wine. Vacation in the capital of Georgia remains in the memory for a long time, probably because many couples come back there to have the wedding. We counted at least 5 reasons to get married in Tbilisi.

1. Mindful landscapes


You should have a wedding in Tbilisi, because it is very beautiful. The old town with its unusual buildings, close streets, all this beauty gives a romantic mood. But outside the city no less beautiful places are stretched. The high-altitude region of Kazbegi is one of the most beautiful in Georgia, and you can get to it from Tbilisi in just a couple of hours. Also from Tbilisi you can get to the ski resort of Gudauri, from where the views are no worse.


2. Delicious food and wine


Hardly anyone is going to argue with the fact that Georgian cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world, otherwise the feasts in Georgia would not be so long. Young Georgian wine is also one of favorite among our audience.


And if you are tired of classical wedding dinners, where all the positions in the menu are roaming from restaurant to restaurant, the banquet menu with Georgian cuisine is definitely your option. Just imagine how the wedding table bursts with phalis, satsivi, lobio, chahohby, khachapuri and ajapsandali. It's almost impossible to control yourself!

3. And the wedding, and the honeymoon


Do not rush with your guests on the return flight. We advise you to gather friends and relatives, and stay in Tbilisi for a week or more to enjoy all the sights and beautiful places of Georgia. Arrange yourself a real Georgian honeymoon, visiting all the most interesting cities. Depart from Tbilisi to Mtskheta, and then to Batumi. The diversity and beauty of ancient cities will amaze you.



4. No red tape with documents


Dreaming of a wedding abroad, lots of couples abandon this idea because of the difficulties with the documents. Collect all the necessary papers, and also check that all guests have visas extremely difficult - a wedding is an already very nervous stage in life. Everything is much simpler in Georgia. First, to get to the country, you do not need a visa (check the rules on official web-site). Secondly, it's easy to register a marriage - you will only need passports and witnesses.


5. Convenient organization and cheap prices


In Tbilisi, there are many Russian-speaking and some English-speaking  wedding agencies that will help you with the organization of the celebration. In other matters, if you are more comfortable starting to prepare your wedding in your native land, for example, in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you will also be able to find specialists. Georgia is one of the most popular wedding destinations (a wedding in Tbilisi is much cheaper than a celebration in large cities of Russia), and therefore many agencies have long ago made wedding trips to Georgia their specialization.

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